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the girl with kaleidoscope eyes
06 June 2008 @ 11:15 pm

add me there, please :D
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the girl with kaleidoscope eyes
08 September 2007 @ 02:33 pm

okay, so, i obviously got in. :D
we got there for the last.... 2 songs of the rocket summer, we totally missed myspace tom sherwood :/ i was upset by that, because i wanted to be all "OMG TOM MYSPACE!!!!!!!!!!! SHERWOOD!!!" cause.... i'm creepy xD. but anyways, then we started going down in the pit, to try to get closer. armor for sleep, couldn't really understand them. i hate to admit that i have never listened to them before, but it's the truth. -smiles embarrasedly- (that's a word)
okay, so after armor for sleep, we started moving closer again, and we got to the second row :D we stayed there for most of the concert, until maybe the last... 5 or 6 songs, i think. there was this girl behind us, though.. she had elbows like a madwoman. her boyfriend had his arms around her the WHOLE NIGHT, she was like... 4 feet tall, no lie. and so she kept elbowing my friend, and her boyfriend kept grabbing my friends hips. but whatever. we didn't move for them xD.

THEACADEMYIS...! okay, i'm gonna start by saying that they were absolutely amazing. again. william has so much energy, it's just so fun to watch him. i stood right by mike, so i could stare at his flippy sexy hair all night if i wanted to. i got many great pictures of him. on my friend's camera and phone. :/
and sisky, he's just kinda like, my favorite, cause, he's just kinda.. sisky. he's just magical. and the butcher. he's absolutely fantastic, i'm in love with him, for everything he does except smoke.  and chiz. he "played the wrong chord". that story goes as follows: they started to play attention, and all of a sudden, william goes "stop, stop, that was the wrong cord MICHAEL GUY CHISLEET!" (he started singing chiz's name) and then he goes on singing it, walks over to him, and is all "MICHAEL GUY CHISLET EVERYBODY!" so.. y'know me, i love screaming, and he gave me a perfect opportunity to do it.. xD
anyways, back to the story. and then he told us this story about how "last night, there was this guy who was standing like, right in the middle, and he was flipping us off for the first 5 songs, and then we started to play the song that we're gonna do next, and he started singing EVERY F*CKING WORD!!" and so they did attention :D
they did black mamba, and i'm not gonna lie, i kinda screamed a LOT because... that's my favorite song EVER in the history of TAI... haha.
encore: ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG, ONE MORE SONG! william and chiz came out, chiz tied the bandana on william's leg (again, i LOVE to scream) and then they started playing 40 steps. that is my favorite song off of santi (even though.. it's not really ON santi, but oh well) and i started singing every word. i was the only one around me who i think knew it, cause by that point, we were about 5 or 6 rows back, and off to the very very side. so, yeah, the girl in front of me kept turning around to stare at me.. xD and then they did almost here, it was sweet, we left, stood in line for the merch BURN THE MERCH! and i got a sweet tour shirt :D
we stood by the buses, but my parents called and came and picked us up, so we went home..

that is the best word i can come up with to describe it.

OH YEAH, during armor for sleep, i saw butcher lurking backstage.. it was pretty funny.
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